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Arm Lifting :-)

One of the latest procedures is effective in improving the size and shape of the arms.

Typical areas that can be treated with Fotona laser arm-lifting procedures include:

  • Back of arms (triceps)

  • Outer area of arms (biceps)

  • Armpit (anterior and posterior axillary folds)

How Does It Work?

Fotona laser arm-lifting procedures involve a two-step process where the Nd:YAG under Piano Mode is used to allow the deep penetration of bulk heating in the dermis to induce laser lipolysis. The erbium YAG laser under Smooth Mode then non-ablatively remodels the epidermal layers of the skin of the arms and armpit area.

Do Treatments Hurt?

Fotona laser arm-lifting procedures are well tolerated by most patients. During treatments, patients can experience the heating of the treatment area and some redness, which should dissipate quickly after treatments. Fotona laser arm-lifting procedures are non-invasive and do not require any downtime, anaesthetics, or post-procedure care. Treatments are quick and easy, and patients can resume normal activities immediately after their laser arm-lifting procedures.

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