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RGnerin Treatment (Botox Effect)


  • Soft focus effect.

  • Renovating.

  • Replumping.

  • Complete age skincare treatment.


In 1 month the skin looks more youthful*.

Wrinkle 4x action plan for replumping, renovating, restorative and firming effect thanks to an advanced combination of multifunctional active ingredients

Active ingredients





Organic Infinity Treatment



  • Restores skin firmness and fights flaccidity.

  • Helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles caused by chronic stress on the skin.

  • Helps to improve the restorative, renovating and energetic abilites of the skin.


Plump, supple skin; softened appearance of wrinkles and a more youthful look.


  • CHARDONNAY GRAPE EXTRACT:innovative rejuvenating active ingredient with epigenetic technology that improves the functioning of the regulatory genes of skin metabolic cycles (circadian rhythm Sleep/Wake).

  • MELATONIN: renewing-wellness neurocosmetic active ingredient based on the so-called youth hormone that has an intense perfecting effect on the skin as well as providing an intense sense of well-being.

  • 5 GROWTH FACTORS: this complex, innovative active ingredient restores the regenerative and reparative capacity, typical of young skin, to mature skin, acting in synergy to give the skin an extraordinarily rejuvenated appearance.

Skin Sensations Treatment


  • Innovative multi-vitamin and mineral-rich formula.

  • Immediate boost of vitality.

  • Helps restore the youthful appearance of your skin.


Recovers the natural skin radiance of the skin. Radiant, luminous, revitalized, face.

Vitamin C and minerals. Inspired by virtual vitamin mesotherapy.

Purifying Treatment



  • Cleanses Deeply with a detox effect.

  • Provides pure oxygen.

  • Improves the skin look &feel.


The skin is deeply cleansed, looking radiant and thoroughly purified.

Ground-breaking facial oxygenating cleaning with the Cosmetic Drone Technology and Pure Oxygen

OPEN PORE: advanced purifying technique made of natural oils, hydrolysed oat and active tensing agents that provide the latest quality in skin cleansing. Helps the elimination of sebaceous contaminants inside the pores, as well purifying the surface of the skin in depth,without the need of additional machinery.
D+E CELL COMPLEX: detoxifying cell complex made of the Mirabilis Jalapa plant. These toxins are amassed inside preventing the cell from working properly and it reduces future formations of toxins and it reduces future formations of toxins.
CHLORELLA DRONE-TECH: innovative energizing-oxygenating active ingredient made of the Cosmetic Drone Technology with mirco encapsulated Chlorella. Cutting-edge technology which succeeds in making the active agent work as an intelligent conveyor that encapsulates and transports the active ingredient to its target, the inside of the cell.
ACTIVE OXYGEN: it is a revolutionar system which liberates pure oxygen. Its oxygenating action increases the influx of nutrients in the area of skin where the product is applied and it improves cell breathing process.

Acne Treatment (Shine Stops)



  • Specific purifying tratment

  • An intelligent liposomated system. Selective shine control.

  • Deep moisturization. Matte effect.


Balanced, matte, clean, renewed and more youthful looking skin.

Stop shining. Selective oily skin control.


AZELOGLICINA®:Azelaic acid liposomes with sebum balancer properties.
SALICYLIC ACID: Natural exfoliant. It improves the micro-contour of the skin.
PURSLANE EXTRACT: A matural active ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties
AQUA SHUTTLE®: Ultra moisturization with prolonged action.
AMIPORINE®: Intelligent moisturizer.

Eye Perfection Treatment
Carboxytherapy-inspired cosmetic technology that treats and prevents all aestheic concerns of the eye area


  • Helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Helps to improve the appeance of puffiness and dark circles.

  • Provides a lifting effect. Firming and tightening.

  • Helps to improve the signs of fatigue and brightens.


Intensely improved eye contour.

Softened appearance of aging signs.

Softened appearance of signs of fatigue.

Hydrated, suppler and firmer contour.

Brighter eyes, with a more wide-awake appearance.


  • GROWTH FACTORS: powerful restoring formula made with 5 growth factors similar to those found in our embryonic stage. Advanced formula that stimulates cell activity, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

  • B-TECH COMPLEX: anti-eye bag and dark circle botanical complex made with 5 plant extracts used for medicial purposes by various age-old cultures such as China, India and South America.

  • RETINOL-V: highly renewing, rejuvenation technological active ingredient. Revolutionary botanical extract, derived from the seeds of the Ayurvedic Indian Babchi plant, with a similar yet more effective mode of action than retinol.

Luminosity Treatment (Nácar Treatment)

Brightening age treatment.
Surround your skin in a halo of light and youth.


  • Helps to improve the superficial layer of dark spots.

  • Helps skin renewal, improving the general appearance of the skin.

  • Help the skin prevent the appearance of new dark spots.

  • Helps to improve the appearance of the signs of aging and helps to restore the damage caused by external factors.​


Softened look of dark spots, even tone.    Luminous, renewed, radiant skin.

Organic Marine Treatment (Ocean Miracle)



  • HYADISINE™: a powerful marine moisturizing active ingredient 24h. It retains 97% more moisture thanhyaluronic acid.

  • WAKAME KELP: for skin firmness.

   Deep firming effect, restoring lost volume.​


Visibly youthful look skin after 15 days of HYDRA LIFTING beauty care

Marine technology skin with firming effect combined with the properties of Quinton sea water.


Marine plasma. Naturally revitalising and toning.
WAKAME KELP EXTRACT: Firming and rejuvenating. Itactivates 14 genes which are responsible for skin firmness.
JUVENESSENCE®: A natural rejuvenator of marine origin. It stops and reverses the cellular ageing process.
HYADISINE™: An intelligent 24-hour moisturized of marine origen. Itpossesses greater moisturizing capacity than hyaluronic acid.

Age Defense



  • 360° age care.

  • Strengthens the skin's first defensive barrier forming a protective shield against pollution.

  • Helps to improve the skin's capacities.

  • Provides an optimal mix of moisturization and nutrition.

  • Balances and restores reactive skin.


Helps to prevent and improve the already visible signs of aging.

Strengthend and balanced skin.

High-end natural cosmetics with prebiotics and probiotics, which help restore the skin. Sensitive and/or reactive skin.
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