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Laser Treatment

Non-invasive Laser Facelift

Fotona’s SP Dynamis laser system is designed to perform all major aesthetic treatments. By combining two complementary laser wavelengths, the SP Dynamis functions as a highly versatile, multi-purpose aesthetic platform that can perform an exceptionally wide range of applications in aesthetics, surgery and gynecology. Fotona's Nd:YAG wavelength is effective for reaching the deepest layers of the skin, while the Er:YAG wavelength is ideal for brushing away surface imperfections to reveal visually attractive, long-lasting results.



Fotona4D is a series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity, enabling full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization without injectables.

how long will it take to see results?

Results will vary with every individual, but most patients see some immediate results, with the complete result taking place gradually over a time period of 2-3 months, if you elect to have a more aggressive treatment, you may experience a day or two of redness.

what does the procedure feel like?

Everyone is different, but typically there is a gradual warming sensation, and after a few minutes you may experience some very brief hot sensations in the treatment area, which dissipate quickly.

does the procedure require any down time?

No, the treatment is non-surgical, and non-invasive allowing patients to walk-in, and walk-out.


Fotana4D/ Fotona4D with neck

Step One: SmoothLiftin

A gentle intraoral treatment which stimulates collagen contraction resulting in improved skin tightness.

Step Two: FRAC3

The treatment of specific, deeper imperfections to complement the effect of the intraoral treatment, as well as restore youthful texture.

Step Three: PIANO

Safe, and rapid external laser tissue heating concentrating on deep energy delivery for an synergistic tightening.

Step Four: SupErficial

A light peel which improves the appearance of the skin, and reduces imperfections, giving the skin a pearl finish.



Laser Acne treatment

       Laser acne treatment is a non-invasive treatment performed by using a YAG laser to gently heat the upper dermis which kills acne causing bacteria while simultaneously treating redness and early scars caused by acne in the skin.

Neck Lifting

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and fat around your jaw line, creating a more defined and youthful-looking neck. Results can be long lasting, but neck lift surgery can't stop the aging process.

Tight Sclupting

TightSculpting is a unique non-invasive laser treatment that combines two procedures in one for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas. A laser gently and safely heats the target tissue remodeling, and rejuvenating the surrounding area. At the same time, the laser tightens the skin by generating new collagen, resulting in an overall improvement of contour laxity and elasticity in the treated areas.

Lip Plumping

Lip PLumping provides an immediate response that patients will notice. In contrast to injectable fillers, the treatment is non-invasive, and there is nothing artificial as patients develop their own collagen in their lips. 


      Laser Lift is a patented technology that has been designed to combat cheek definition, lift and tighten the neck and facial jowls. The first non-invasive treatment that gives instant results.



Laser Hair Removal

     Laser hair removal treatments use light energy to permanently damage or destroy hair follicles with the goal of preventing hair from growing back. 

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