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"It was an amazing experience. I’ve never done it before but the therapist made me feel super comfortable, gave a detailed explanation of the process. Everything was just great. The staff at the front desk was super friendly. The overall experience was great. I definitely recommend this place. I am buying a package to continue their services."
                                                       by Cristina


Daisy is an amazing acupuncturist. I've been coming to Daisy for at least 3 years. She always listens to my concerns, and knows what to do. I've recommended Daisy to friends and they all love her. If anyone needs a good acupuncturist, come and see Daisy.

by Denise A. 


"This place has great reviews for a reason, it’s very clean Covid protocols are in place and the staff is really nice and informative. The person that did my session explained everything before she did anything and made sure I was comfortable. Definitely a 5star place! Thank you!."

by Ravan


"...Recently I got my knees hurt from running, I Groupon this place and gave a try. I've been finding groupon deal for Acupuncture in a few places before but none of them actually help/cure the pain. It reliefs the pain immediately but next day the pain came back. However, I did not experience that in this clinic with Daisy, my knees are healing and my whole legs are getting better! So far, I did 2 treatments but I'm able to go back to gym again. Moreover, my entire legs are feeling less stiff and less sore(due to the low blood flow before), I can't be happier with the results...."

by Daphne. M


"Before starting treatments with Daisy at Brooklyn Acupuncture, I was in a lot of pain & constantly uncomfortable. I was having trouble functioning and leaving the house was hard. Medical doctors knew the conditions but medications were not working. Acupuncture changed my life. My pain is gone. I am able to exercise and am off most medications. I have been able to commit to acupuncture, weekly workouts with a physical trainer and following a healthy diet. Daisy has changed my life and for that I will always be grateful."

by Jonelyne.C


I've been busting my but going to physical therapy twice a week and doing excersizes at home for 3 months, i wasn't seeing progress with my sciatica at all. I could barley move, it was literally ruining my entire life. I started coming to see daisy and with in 3 weeks i started moving again. She's so nice and sweet and explains everything step by step. Happy i found this place!

by Lix M.


"Best acupuncturist! Daisy is attentive, sweet, funny, caring, generous, and genuinely wants her patients to feel better. She provides well-rounded pain relief that includes acupuncture, cupping, and a massage. I have been seeing Daisy for approximately 2 years and will continue being a loyal customer/patient. I love when she says I'm her favorite patient because I actually LOVE being poked with needles. The more the merrier. I always look forward to my sessions. This review was long overdue."

by Sarah.R


"This clinic was moved from 17th Avenue and 66th Street to its current address! I have done acupuncture in this clinic many years ago. It was acupuncture on my wrist. Since acupuncture, my wrist has never relapsed. I used to have a slight pain in my wrist when the weather changed slightly! Now the clinic has added a lot of projects, among which the essential oil treatment is my favorite. I use conditioning grade essential oils. The effect of every treatment is really good! You can take a look at the photo! Conscience clinic!"

by Win. L


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